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The Caregiver Project

Today in the United States over 52 million family members are caring for a spouse or loved one (sometimes around the clock). For the family caregiver the rewards can be great – providing care in the safety and comfort of home brings ease, independence and connection. It may also mean keeping a frail or disabled family member out of a nursing home, or care facility, and the financial burden or loss of autonomy and family connection that may come along with such a choice. However, it can also be a great challenge for family caregivers.

Family caregivers usually value their important role, but are often faced with few options for support or time-off. Hope For A Healthier Life sees family caregivers who are totally exhausted with no time for themselves. It’s a problem that is growing and our program is a project designed with caregivers in mind. Caregivers in our program will receive 4 hours each month of relief services to spend in way in which they choose. To find out more about receiving relief fill out the questionnaire below and one of our professionals will follow up with you.